Capital Letters 1
discworld fantasy
Travelled I have, from the lush green of the South to the not-so-lush-green of the North.
And so I find myself in Delhi. *waves to flist*

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And unrelatedly, I'm on an obvious inexplicable Golden Pair HIGH. Heeee~

To be or not to... glomp...
Little sis and I were feeling far too cracky and high on fandoms when we attempted this particular madlib. Then again, we're nearly always cracky and high on fandoms so... yeah. Been watching Reborn anime at an unhealthily fast pace, too (>.>) which is why there's an inclination towards that area of obsession.

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Just Because
Listened to Golden Pair et al and the Burimyu soundtrack, giggled to myself, wore pink and held aloft my spankin'new! biiig yellow umbrella with the pride of someone who's making a statement no one else can read. Bwahahaha.

Another Year of Fangirling~
discworld fantasy
Best part about having a sister(sunnydemon)who shares your fandoms and obsesses over them as much as you do?
The centrepiece is this, a la Reborn...

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And because Tenipuri is the very epitome of obsession...

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... Nfu.
discworld fantasy
Of course. A girl who's a member of a community that exists to promote Yukimura's death has a problem with Mizuki being called gay. I don't particularly feel inclined towards replying towards trollishness since plenty of people already have, more to avoid redundancy than anything else.
But this... is Tenipuri.
It is a fandom in which this happens (and I choose this picture because duh Golden Pair *_*) :


And I'm sorry, even Konomi-sensei's in on it. A man who attends myus and seiyuu events would kinda catch on after the first few slashtastic moments, wouldn't he? Besides, KonomiShiraishi=OTP

To The Voices in My Head
discworld fantasy
Dear little voices,
I'm sorry for crowding you in with all the muses that have taken up residence with you, but bear with them they don't seem intent on going away anytime soon (and will bring in friends if necessary)
I thank you for all the lovely story and fic ideas you spam my brain cells with every passing moment, I'm honestly touched. Even though 98% of them involve BL themes thereby rendering them unpublishable. Now, I'd appreciate it if you'd also tell me HOW THEY END.
Thank you.
PS- I prefer you turned off the part of my thought processes obsessing over the Kansai region. Yes please.


So I wrote it >>
discworld fantasy
That Yamamoto thought process that's been nagging at me? I couldn't resist. 
Unfinished as of now, but as with all things I write, I had to get it out of my head or I'd never hear the end of it. In my head.
Yeah -__-#
Painted-eyes, I'm sorry. Anu-chan, this one's for you. (Don't hit me >_<)

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discworld fantasy
Finally, finally catching up with Reborn... I feel strangely inspired to write an extremely twisted 8059 fic with Gokudera and TYL!Yamamoto... It would be wrong on so many levels...
And there's that Merlin fic I should probably finish too...
There was once a time when I had original characters to think about (-___-)# Thank you, lj, for eating my brain.

And the Monsoon I was so hyper about? Missing. Yay.

Let it Rain, Let it Rain...
discworld fantasy
I keep saying I live in a tropical paradise, which is true (just count the number of coconut trees fer cryin' out loud!) and this is what makes it so.
I hereby present, the most awesome spectacle nature down here can provide, onset of the Monsoon. And a pseudo-silhouette of a coconut tree. Cuz there isn't an inch of space without one.

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