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Home again home again~
reinstall universe
... And Star Trek has eaten my brain.

And I feel so blessed for being able to escape the 4-degree-temperatures of University and retreat to the brilliant 30s of home~ *extends invites to all to come share the warmth and sun sunny sunshine*

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I'm so jealous! ;____; It's around 7-3 degrees here, too.

*wants to watch the original Star Trek again*

God your reply got caught in the no-notification vortex and I happened upon it only now -.- You should come visit anytime you're in the mood for tropical lagoony places xD

*teeempts* Although I swear I giggled when I saw the little toy Enterprise zooming around in the opening credits.

XD; No worries. And I want to come. ;____; It was 0 yesterday and it's supposed to be like 1.5 today. I'm going to freeze.

XDD Where can I find it?

0 should not be a temperature, and don't even get me started on the minuses >.<

And >> not sure. I had a trekkie friend of mine bestow it upon me, there oughta be a torrent somewhere around here... *goes to look*

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