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Capital Letters 3
I still live. *prostrates self before flist*

Liah, your mail came within hours of me thinking I should mail you o.o

I can't believe it's been nearly a month! A month in Delhi, a month at Uni and a month without regular internet ogod

On the bright side, I think I could get used to a system of learning that does't require one to write exams or actually study unless one feels inclined to, yes I could. We had something of a Freshman welcome party thing where we had to down an entire glass of punch in one go. God bless iron constitutions. It was quite strange being in a class full of Master's students and thinking 'oh they're so young' though.

Oh and this is possibly the greenest campus ever, which shall be proved by the view from my balcony.

*crosses fingers that the connections stays till I can upload the picture*
*curses as it disconnects*
*tries again*

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And omg jdgnhkn it looks so pretty there *___*

But but but kjsdnkhn isn't there anything you can do about the stupid internet available 8( *CLINGS*

We're telepathetic xDDD

It's very pretty, and there's peacocks roaming about at random!

I need to go to a shady porn district to get a proper broadband connection >.> maybe this week *fingers crossed*

That we are 8DDD ♥

dsgnrkjn so pretty *o*

...shady porn district. |D WHICH REMINDS ME. Kenya is now a whore 8( also yesyesyesimissyou 8( *CLING* please be doing thatttttt

I'm at Uni now too, well in the house - classes start tomorrow ;o;


Yesyes, if ever you come this side of the world, there is much to be seen~


Ah, thus ends your time of nothingness, eh?


I doubt I will though as THE HEAT WILL KILL ME SOB

I wouldn't worry about it if I were you >_>; It's been slow. If you don't think you have time for it that's another thing but |D;;; It's mainly me and Lynda lmao XD;

Yes 8(

>.> It's friggin cold in winter?

Aww that kinda sucks -_- but I'll think about it if/when the regular net is up again *nodnod*

And *sigh* Well, it could be worse, I guess?

How cold is that? |D;;;

Kit's classes started and she's working at the same time so :x And Tifa had RP dramu but she logged with me 8Db

Andddd Yes |D

welcome back! 8D

Oh wow, that view is beautiful! Tough luck with lack of internet but I hope you're having fun otherwise :3

Also, on another note, since you mood for this post is 'indescribable', my mood picture is showing up as this --> which made me LOL

<3333 will be back-er soon, hopefully!

It's loads of fun! No classes most of the week and no exams!!!

And I remember that scene from DL1st <333333 xD Hilarious~

Hey you! <3 the view is gorgeous *-* i hope you are settling well in uni and stuff! *snug* *misses you*

<33333 How are things on your end, hon?

(Deleted comment)
*gets over the brief shock of having Zetsubou-sensei reply to a post*

xD You are not mistaken, my friend *waves back* \^o^/

(Deleted comment)

*is in constant need of more icons*

Which is not particularly heartening but YAY US~?

... friending you y/y?

(Deleted comment)

Re: *is in constant need of more icons*

*goes to friend back*

I do have AIM (mysticyarnball) but thanks to the craptastic internet that I constantly complain of, I've not been on in ages ;_; Do poke me if you ever see any signs of life though ^_____^b

I hope everything's been fine for you so far! ♥

Take care :)

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