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One is Drunkest when one is Sober
Easter greetings to those for whom the festival isn't only about bunnies and eggs :D

They had a sunrise service here on campus and my apparently insane classmates were insistent on attending. Of course, we were all convinced that if we attempted to sleep no one would be awakening at five am to make it to sunrise, so the brilliant idea was to stay up all night. Which we did, wandering about the streets of campus like a group of literary drunkards but none of us with a drop of alcohol in our systems, singing bawdy Bollywood songs and terrorising the general public. The service, when we made it to it, was in this gorgeous boulder-covered-hill-thingie where there was a small group of people with guitars and Bibles and an Australian who seemed to think he was Shantaram and lived in a hovel somewhere.

In the end, we sang a few songs, ate cake, and recieved gift wrapped boiled eggs for our troubles.


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